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An old Ethiopian necklace

This is an old Ethiopian necklace which shows the melding of influences in antique Ethiopian jewels. The pendant shows Ethiopian culture and symbolism. The many tiny chains are made with an Ottoman technique. The construction of the amulet box is the same as in antique Yemeni mahfaua amulet boxes. This is a very long necklace, falling past the waist. I believe it is quite old, not later than early 20th century and perhaps as old as mid-19th -- the construction resembles the jewelry the V&A has from the tragic Ethiopian queen who died in the 1860s. All in high grade silver except the cone dangles. More photos in the comments.
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  • More views of this old necklace



  • It's a fantastic piece, Lynn and in remarkably good shape! Congrats!

  • Wonderful, thanks  for the additional photos in comments! Love it.

  • A fantastic find Lynn, Often these necklaces are with  a  small box in the front and another smaller size box in the back. And yes yours for sure is an antique one. not so many kept in this top condition often the chains are in tatterd. Well done.

    Gr. Ingrid Langerak

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