Hi dear forum members,

I recently posted a discussion asking what is your preferred piece of jewelry.

Let us see if through your passion for ethnic jewelry you came to adopt that little bracelet you snatched up in an ebay auction, that pendant found in a lost trove deep inside Marrakech medina or that brooch which was waiting for you in your local flea market, as an everyday piece of jewelry or adornment.

I am not especially talking about posh, precious material items.

Simple, confortable and suitable for every occasion introduce us to you little beloved treasure

Maybe there is also a story attached to it?

Telle us everything

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  • Day to day, I wear a lot of new silver Tuareg  items from Mali/Niger. My preferred piece of jewellery? Not sure. I have a number of items that took me years (in one case, a decade) to get, so it's a hard call to make.

    I'll take pics soon but I think my favourite ring is one that I have from Elhadji Koumama.

  • Right now no jewel, but i used to wear a couple of open bracelets from mauritania, senegal and libya all small and thin and only one at a time.......BUT i almost gave them all away as gifts to friends....

    Also the same for rings, i am a frenetic ring's buyer (small, cheap and varied!!) and would sometimes wear one!!

  • so Alaa how about you?

  • I wear very often adorments, this is one with wich I feel confortable. It is coral with amber beads. I have formed a multistrand coral beads in different sizes and tonalities.  The endings are antique crystal Rock beads.

    jewelry that I ... 005.jpg

  • 2505993640?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024I don't usually wear any jewellery, but in some ocasions I like to enjoy some pieces of my collection. This is one of my favourites. Its from Marrocco, silver, coral and amber beads. I love it!

  • Currently I wear a large silver bicone bead as a necklace, one of Ait's Tuareg bracelets and an antique Berber ring with red glass from Iran.

  • @Ait

    Very nice bag, pure design and the tuareg spirit is there.

    I remember that bracelet, very nice one indeed


    I bet you have a nice time with thouse saharawi silver. Exotic, wrist and finger filling yet very modern looking

  • I wear a selection of Saharwi rings and bangles everyday, and a tuareg bracelet too.

  • i wear less jewelry, there only one armband that i wear regulary and specialy when i have a meeting for work.it is the :  https://ethnicjewels.ning.com/photo/touareg-armband?context=user

    i made the design, the smithwork is from hoggar touareg. the leather work and finishing, i did it in a fair in Barcelona. i made it in open stand directly in front of the visitors. i had to explane a lot in a mix of french english language.

    ther is also a bag i had all the time until afriend took it from me, now i have to do a new one. it was a rucksack,handmade from me, with my own form. a mix of old touareg leather piece and new leather

    looks almost the sa this photo. this one, i did last week for a colector friend2505996147?profile=RESIZE_1024x10242505997771?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

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