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Enough Fertility Symbols to Frighten the Bride Away from Marriage

Antique Gilded Silver Yemen Wedding Necklace Amulets Granulated Beads

By Anna Garner

 This is an antique gilded silver wedding necklace worn by a woman in Yemen in the early nineteen hundreds. It probably belonged to a woman whose family could afford the extra cost of apply a gold…


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Ancient Bactrian Steatite Stone Vessel with Typical Incised Designs

by Anna Garner

The use of this ancient Bactrian steatite stone vessel with typical incised designs cannot be determined from this distance in time and differences in technology and culture. We do know from visual examination of the pot that it is incised with the typical zigzag patterns that prevailed throughout an early period of the…


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The Signet Seals of Pre-Literate Early Bactria-Margiana

by Anna Garner

Still no actual alphabetic messages have been found on a single artifact excavated from or picked up from the surface of one of the sites of the Bactria-Margiana Archeological Complex.   Geographically, the more or less agreed upon boundaries of this area would be Southern Turkmenistan, Eastern Iran and most of Afghanistan reaching over to the Indus Valley in what is now Pakistan.  The time frame of the most significant cultural items produced by these migrating…


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A Shared Culture of Ornamentation

by Anna Garner

The ancient culture of Bactria along the Amu Darya river (now in Afghanistan), the Margiana culture along the Murghab river (now in Turkmenistan), the proto-Iranian culture in the deserts south of the Caspian all reveal enough strong parallels in ornamentation that some archeologists have grouped them into one of the following appellations: Bactria-Margiana Archeological Complex (BMAC), Outer Iranian culture, or proto-Iranian culture.  Whether the shared cultural items…


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Cultural Finds in Ghazni and Kabul

by Anna Garner

In 1973, we did not have Wikipedia so I had to read about the Ghaznavid Empire from other sources, but we are now gifted with the internet.  Here is what Wikipedia, that compendium of human knowledge writes about the empire whose seat was at now humble small-town Ghazni:

*The Ghaznavids ...were a ... dynasty of Turkic slave origin... which existed from 975 to 1187 and ruled much of Persia, Transoxeania and the northern…


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Bactria, Afghanistan - 3: a Visit to Char-i-Kar, Alexandria of the Caucasus

by Anna Garner

Not long after we settled into our mud block and straw home -- with its many layers of whitewash applied over the years -- Fatah came to work for us.  He is (I hope he has survived the wars) a man of sterling character, always careful and polite and very responsible in his duties.  When we traveled up the Northern Road (the Russian concrete road) to the Salang Pass, he would go with us, sometimes to be dropped off for a short visit at his home which was located in the…


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Bactria, Afghanistan - 2: the Old Persia on the Silk Road

by Anna Garner

The forerunners of pre-Islamic Persians were the migrant farmers of desert oases in the Kara Kum Desert and in the arid areas of Central Asia southerly toward the Indus Valley.  Archeological remains trace the flowering of this culture from the third millennium B. C. to 300 B. C. when Alexander the Great married the Bactrian princess in Bactria, Afghanistan as he conquered Persia.  These first Iranians were not nomads, but they were in movement, because the earth was in…


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Afghanistan: a Producer of Jewelry from Pre-historic Times - I

by Anna Garner

When we received word that we were moving from the heavily traveled roads of Turkey to what to us sounded like the wilds of Afghanistan, I was up for the adventure, but imagined a culture begun by Alexander the Great and modified by the Arabic influence of the Moslem expansion from Mecca and Medina.  Fortunately, we were able to travel overland through the major influence on Afghanistan, which is Iran.  In our trip from Meshed in Eastern Iran across the border to Herat…


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Shopping for Collectibles in Kabul

by Anna Garner

We had the best vehicle for moving around the unpaved streets of Kabul, Afghanistan, and we made good use of it.  After all, there was much to see even in a 2 or 3 mile radius of our house.  We did not wait to settle in, because we arrived in each new place with nothing but our luggage and the loans of a few dishes, pots and pans that the Embassy General Services staff provided for us to use until our own goods arrived by slow boat to Karachi and then a very colorful…


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How I Began the Collection of Ethnic Ornaments

by Anna Garner

It began when my family moved to Turkey because my husband had been recruited by the U. S. Foreign Service (our Embassies and Aid Programs) as an auditor of the U. S. Agency for International Development in the Middle East.  We lived four years in Ankara, and when we left we had a house full of everything from carpets to Anatolian Shepherd Dogs.  But the dogs, the copper pots and pans and the wheat grinding sleds I will leave out of my discussion.  I will stick to…


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