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Tekke Turkoman dagdan amulet,13,8 cm=5,5 inch.Breast jewellery; silver gilded, glass stones. Stylized form of a Tsarist double headed eagle. Weared on a chain with coins, beads and smaller amulets. Or sewn on clothing(small models). Dated (Persian?) on the backside AH 1340= 1922. I've read ones, but I don't know where.. on dated rugs sometimes the last 0 is not always written. Maybe it is the same on jewellery items? Somebody knows? Maybe I'm wrong.
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  • Are these amber, various coloured glasses or carnelians which are now matte, through wear?
  • The stones are glass stones, in various colors, dark yellow, red-brown to dark red. And they are indeed matte of intensive wearing. I'm not sure about the orange stone (3th from under, left) it feels different, less matte, it is carnelian I think. I'm sure there are no amber stones, that's too soft, it will damage too fast. People wear these amulets every day.
  • Thanks, I only ask as I've seen very worn amber used and these seem a strange colour for glass.

    But what interests me most is,

     who actually wears the combination of "fire gilt" and coloured glass

    as opposed to the "fire gilt" and carnelian, which I call Tekkke.

    There are so many sub-tribes I can't seperate.

    Can anyone tell me, "what does Chodor look like?"

  • Thanks for your comment Cam, The Tekke tribe mostly use carnelian stones, but also glass and in combination with fire gilding.The Yomut mostly use glass stones, a lot of firegilded stamped silver and little fire gilded appliques. Maybe you have the book; Alter Silberschmuck der Turkmenen by Dieter and Reinhold Schletzer(  there is an English version too )There is a wonderful Tekke dagdan to see on page153: with ambercolor glass stones and blue and green glass stones.. On page 209 you can find a guljaka (pectoral jewel) with a combination of glass and carnelian stones. I know there are a lot of sub-tribes and difficult to separate, I have some items myself I am not sure about. In the book mentioned above you see often a ? , or presumable, maybe..or the names of two tribes by some pictures. The same in the J. Kalter book: The arts and crafts of Turkestan. In the first named book are some items attributed to the Chodor-tribe. They look like Yomut pieces, but more plain with fewer appliques. Often they are not sure about it: Yomut or Chodor?..To me it looks like a mix of Yomut and Ersari. But I'm not a specialist on Turkoman items, maybe other members know more...
  • Thanks awfully Johanne. It was so-o much easier when things were just Turkoman.

    Then they were Tekke, Yomut, Ersari and sometimes Saryk or Salor...

    but there are so many I've handled that aren't

    (or I assume they aren't, as there are so many subtribes that they could be, and I'm pretty convinced they're not the main three or four.)

    I'm either obsessed or very frustrated with not knowing.

    I'll post pics of some pieces that are obviously different and see if anyone can help me.

    No I know of the book but can't afford it, have seen the cover on the net but once again am frustrated at not curling up with it to decode my obsession.

    Now though, I realise I could spend all those dollars and still not find out, ouch.

    Thanks again.

    And as I've said "the more I know the less I seem to know!"

    And sorry to have kidnapped this thread.

  • At your service Cam, I'am glad you can do something with my comment. I've purchased the Schletzer book in Germany  last year, in an Art bookshop and  It costs me €48. ( I belief it was new) I was terribly suprised to see the prices on internet bookshops, the highest is €505,19 for a second hand one! I see prices; 492 to 245 English pounds! And $350-400 ! I did not really know they ask so much for it.. The German version is somewhat cheaper.  On the site: sogdianabooks.com there is one German version for sale: 50  English Pounds! The cheapest I can find. I don"t know the shipping costs. For me German is not a big problem it"s a neighbour-language. Even  if you can read it badly, the nice pics are all worth it! And I see on internet; the book is in 3 Australian libraries, maybe you can copy.. I think you can"t find all the answers about different tribes and styles in any book.. Don't be frustrated! collecting is an adverture.
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