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Kabyle fibulas

Kabyle fibulas
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  • Gorgeous!
  • Although naturally one would prefer coral, the red material still sets off itself quite attractively against the silver, and the design and workmanship are excellent. Would the red material be bakelite, Ayis? I can't really judge, but you may be able to.
  • yess very good quality bakelite wich was noral to use for such an important piece
  • Quite so: it is indeed very good, and I did think it would be bakelite, though I don't find it easy to define why - perhaps particularly because one expects that, with a piece of this quality, but also because it looks the part (it's not that easy to think of another material that would really look identical). An excellent piece. Thanks for yet another good answer!
  •  Is the red stuff in this fibula set bakelite? You can test it by carefully giving some pressure on the "stones" if it is hard it is bakelite if it dents a bit its celluloid which is older. Used from the end of the 19th century till begin of the 20th century, because it is not very strong and dents easily one started using bakelite in stead, which was invented in the beginning of the 20th century and more durable.

  • Lovely Alaa, the color sets is off  vividly.  I think with corral it will be softer. But I appreciate it as it is, gives it its own character. Love the  sturdy skilled craftmanship. Gr. Ingrid.

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