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This has to be one of the oldest pieces of moroccan jewellery to be accompanied with a hallmark. Heavy silver and 4 hallmarks all showing the hegira date of 1011 (1602 gregorian calendar) and the city of TADLA wich is the actual moroccan city of KASBAH TADLA midway between marrakech and fes. The date and the city name shows that this bracelet was made just decades before the city was conquered by the actual moroccan royal dynasty (the alaouites) in 1687 who eventually built a fortress "kasbah" transforming the city's name from "tadla" to "kasbah tadla" I do only know of another couple of bracelets who are older, they are kept among the fabulous "thau" collection.
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  • Hi ayis: What a great item! I find your description entirely convincing, given the appearance of the piece itself as well as everything else. I congratulate you on obtaining this! I have posted both the image and the description on Facebook, on Truus's and my page "Ethnic Jewellery and Adornment". If you have not yet joined us there, I very much hope you will do so, for you will find the page interesting, and we'd be very happy to have your contributions.
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