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Hi-- sorry for the double post--I was wondering if anyone could provide any information or point me to a good resource for researching the belt shown below. Thanks!

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Hi there, thanks for posting, it looks kind of Greek or Balkan to me, but Im no expert on those areas. I have shown the photo around and will get back to you. All best Cordelia

Thank you so much! I very much appreciate it.
Its most probably Yugoslavia or Bosnia late 19th century.
Has it got any hallmarks?

None that I can see.  Went over it with a flashlight and a magnifying glass :-)

Cordelia Donohoe said:

Has it got any hallmarks?

Yes, very much like!  And this one is from Yugoslavia/ Bulgaria too?

Cordelia Donohoe said:

Yes, I think Bosnia. Congratulations it's a collector's item.

Thanks so much for your help.  I find myself staring at it endlessly.  I see something new each time.

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