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Old Tribal Torque "Ger". Kalash tribes, Swat-Chitral regions of Northen Pakistan - middle of 20-th century

Metal alloy, traditionally obtained by melting old jewelry and coins called in Afghanistan and Pakistan Alpaca (Alpaka) or Gillet (Gillit), consisting of Nickel, zinc, copper and tin in different proportions mixed with silver,

forging, cast, chasing, engraved Insert - carnelian (probably was replaced ilater during the restoration, as often these ornaments contained originally blue faience beads).

The distance between the tips is 80mm, because of the spiral is expanded.

The inner diameter of the circle - about 150mm

the thickness at the bottom, 34mm

A weight of 567 g.

A rare type of spiral Torque. Such decorations were worn in pagan Kafiristan noble woman to the end of the 19th century. After the conquest in 1896. and the conversion to Islam of the local population, the production of these decorations ceased. There is a theory that this type of jewelry dates back to the Hellenistic traditions. In Swat-Chitral regions of Northen Pakistan is still home to the Kalash ethnic group who are considered descendants of Greek soldiers from the army of Alexander the great settled in his time in these places.


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