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An interesting pendant/bead, much like Edith's avatar

Here is an interesting element I recently found on ebay. I was drawn to it because it looks so much like Edith D's avatar on ethnicjewels. It is described as a blue face  or god face pendant. Anybody know about these?

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Comment by Edith D on July 23, 2014 at 21:32

Ha!  He is a handsome fellow isn't he?  My fellow is a glass imitation of a pre-Roman Carthoginian from antiquity.  There are similar ones in the Bardo Museum and the imitations are sold in many of the tourist shops in Tunis.

Comment by Jamey D. Allen on July 20, 2014 at 22:57

I included imitations of Phoenician head pendants, from various sources, in my paper for the Istanbul Bead Conference in 2007.  I know of very few authentic-looking imitations, and most are clearly inauthentic.  But there are quite a few types and origins--including "Syria" (this being a catch-all for any Middle Eastern glass artifacts of unknown origin), China, Java, and Venice.  I also made a series of these pendants in Fimo in the 1990s.

Patricia's head pendant is curious because it is quite flat, whereas the prototypes are most often based on cylindrical constructions (with large openings at the the bottoms, behind the beards).  Also, the eyes on this piece are derived from mosaic-glass canes; whereas the originals would have been stratified and are proportionally larger.  As a guess, I think this might be Javanese.  I could not exclude India.  I rather like it--and I would have bought it too (!).

By the way, as I have said many times, these constructions are not "face pendants."  They are "head beads" and "head pendants."  The name "face bead" and "face pendant" should be reserved for the famous mosaic-glass constructions made in the Roman Period and since then.

Be well.  Jamey

Comment by SARAH CORBETT on July 18, 2014 at 12:44

Hi love this is a fake Phoenician face pendant 

the colours are too bold to be original

If you search for them on google you will see originals are generally softer and paler in colour.

S x

S x



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