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November 2011 Blog Posts (10)

A Shared Culture of Ornamentation

by Anna Garner

The ancient culture of Bactria along the Amu Darya river (now in Afghanistan), the Margiana culture along the Murghab river (now in Turkmenistan), the proto-Iranian culture in the deserts south of the Caspian all reveal enough strong parallels in ornamentation that some archeologists have grouped them into one of the following appellations: Bactria-Margiana Archeological Complex (BMAC), Outer Iranian culture, or proto-Iranian culture.  Whether the shared cultural items…


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To anyone interested in the BOOK *Ethnic Jewellery and Adornment* by Truus Daalder: we now have less than 100 copies left which we ourselves can sell. If you live in Australia we are your best bet. If you want 3 copies or more, we can deliver more cheaply than others, anywhere in the world. If you are outside Australia and want ONE copy, we think Amazon (supplied by our co-publisher Macmillan) is usually the cheapest supplier (only $150 incl…

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Berber Museum in Morocco

This is the first one that is worth to be highlighted. In less than a month, Morocco will have its first museum dedicated exclusively to Berber culture.…


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THREADING & KNOTTING TECHNIQUES for designing and repairs-

Put your ethnic beads together so the jewellery components will last-

Its noticeable many of the bead necklaces people have made for selling appear to be on stiff cable. Although its easy to use, this is not usually the best material for threading, specially for the ethnic beads which may have very large or tiny crooked holes...

I teach a number of different methods using very reliable threads and also knotting which gives a piece a nice soft authentic drape and feel, and…


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We have a shop of our own!!

Hi Everyone.

Following some time getting it just right I am delighted to announce the arrival of our very own Ning adormnment shop.

Please click on the shop tab on the top menu to see!

Thanks you to my faithful webdesigner for his hard work to get it all just how I wanted!


Membership is required to post in the shop. details can be found on the shop site.


Benefits of partcipating in the shop are:

  • The shop items will remain…

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Interested in buying *Ethnic Jewellery and Adornment* for Christmas?

My wife Truus Daalder's book *Ethnic Jewellery and Adornment* makes, it is widely agreed, an excellent Christmas present. The book has - without exaggeration - been hugely acclaimed as path-breaking, not only because of the great many excellent pieces shown in one large volume (420 pages, including more than 700 large photos), but also because it is the only profusely illustrated wide-ranging book on ethnic jewellery that offers extensive comments on the cultures from which the pieces come,…


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Please come see my listings on eBay!

Lots of rare and wonderful items.

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Opinions on these items please


My name is Tracy and I am new to this group and to ethnic jewelry. I do have a bit of history with European and Indian 18th and 19th century diamonds and gemstones but tribal jewelry baffles me.


I would like to start collecting a few pieces for daily wear, so am not a museum quality collector. Still, with my lack of knowledge, I thought I might ask for a bit of help. Until I am able to go to Morocco and Mali next year, I am thinking of buying a few things from…


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Cultural Finds in Ghazni and Kabul

by Anna Garner

In 1973, we did not have Wikipedia so I had to read about the Ghaznavid Empire from other sources, but we are now gifted with the internet.  Here is what Wikipedia, that compendium of human knowledge writes about the empire whose seat was at now humble small-town Ghazni:

*The Ghaznavids ...were a ... dynasty of Turkic slave origin... which existed from 975 to 1187 and ruled much of Persia, Transoxeania and the northern…


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Hi from Marrakech....

I can offer copies of Bert Flints book describing his museum collection @ the Tiskiwin in Marrakech.

The book is currently in French, I am working on the translation to English.

The french paper back copy is available for £ 12 plus shipping @ cost.

Please e mail m if you would like a copy.




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