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Morocco Travel Company

Morocco Rural Tours is a specialized tour operator and travel agency offering travelers the opportunity to discover and explore Morocco. Our bespoke travel tours include Morocco tailored tours and escorted holidays that cover: the imperial cities tours, cultural and eco tours, Sahara desert tours and camel trekking, Christmas and New year trips, daily trips from Marrakech, Incentives and events, Atlantic beach…


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Hello  , I am a dealer and collector of Bedouin and Yemenite ( Yemeni Jewish ) jewelry for over 20 years .

Most of my transactions were conducted online so I inadvertently ended up with a photo archive of thousands of pieces of Yemeni jewelry .

It is the largest portfolio of its kind in existence, and it has been a dream of mine to excavate some of these photos from their 700mb CD tombs and write or co write an illustrated book on the subject. 

Till then, I would love to…


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Omani shibghat and màkhnak necklaces

I just added one extraordinary gold plated shibgat necklace and 3 interesting màkhnak necklaces to my site:…


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Handmade Costume Jewellery UK: Semi Precious Stones. Handmade beaded and Fun Jewellery

Madmacdesigns - fashion jewelry supplier near Petworth providing handmade costume jewellery, semi precious handmade beaded necklaces and jewellery cheap prices.

Read more:

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May need help

Dear forum,

I am contacting u because I am a collector of  (mostly) silver jewellry.

And this one I own about 50 years, I am not sure where it comes from and I showed it several jewelmakers and the also do not no anything about this ring, so I try to get help here because I wanna know the story behind.…


Added by Voodooschaaf on July 9, 2018 at 13:27 — 1 Comment

beads from Guinea-Bissau

I bought these beads that are in the photo of me were purchased from an African dealer for $200.00.  He said they could be found non that area just floating on the river.  Does any one have any more information?  They are a form of copal.

Added by Patty C. Rice on March 2, 2018 at 21:30 — 2 Comments

A Visit to the Jade Market in Hong Kong

When visiting Hong Kong, a visit to the Jade Market on Kansu Street (near Tin Hau Temple) is highly recommended.  You will see a bit of local color and if you are not bothered by aggressive sales tactics, it is a fun outing. Yes, there are a lot of tourists, but local Hong Kong residents also buy here (although I would wager that they get much better prices than the…


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New Books on Tunisian Jewelry

When I lived in Tunisia, I frequented Monsieur Moncef Helioui's shop on many occassions.  He and his brother have a dusty, yet wonderful little shop on the Rue Jamiya Zetouna in the old Medina.  They are descendants of Ahmed Helioui, a well known 20th century silver smith in Tunis.

I have a number of items in my collection that were purchased from the Freres Helioui.  Shortly before I left Tunisia, Monsieur Moncef told me about a book that he was writing.  I was very delighted to come…


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beads at Kings Cross Canopy Market

Next weekend: Friday, Saturday and Sunday Aug 25th, 26th, 27th- i'll have a stall in the Canopy Market behind Kings Cross -next to the big Waitrose and the Art College- selling mostly loose single decorative handmade glass beads from India, as well as fascinating and rare pendants, colourful embroidery beads, shell, stone, metal and wood beads, inexpensive necklaces, bracelets and tribal beaded dresses! and my book for bead collectors...

Stefany Tomalin, Beadtreasures, bead I.D.…


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could u give me some idea about this navajo squash bolssom?

  i get this one online,i would like to know is it a old piece from 40s?i have no idea about idian jewelry,thax so much for your help.

Added by Son of Hmong on August 7, 2017 at 3:49 — 3 Comments

Old Tribal Torque "Ger". Kalash tribes, Swat-Chitral regions of Northen Pakistan - middle of 20-th century

Metal alloy, traditionally obtained by melting old jewelry and coins called in Afghanistan and Pakistan Alpaca (Alpaka) or Gillet (Gillit), consisting of Nickel, zinc, copper and tin in different proportions mixed with silver,

forging, cast, chasing, engraved Insert - carnelian (probably was replaced ilater during the restoration, as often…


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In Memory of C'est Magnifique

Recently I learned that my favorite store in Greenwich Village has closed.  Along with the death of David Bowie, this was another cultural loss to mark the passing of my youth.  Back in the 1980s I sported spiked hair, purple lipstick and a pair of black shoes with silver skull buckles.  I always walked around with a cassette tape in my Walkman playing the Clash, Siouxsie and…


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Agadez cross in Agadez

When I visited Agadez in the Sahara a couple of years ago I brought some sketches from the wonderful study of Jewellery and Techniques of the Sahara by Jean Gabus 1939. I had these crosses made which were early variations on the theme of the Agadez cross. The maker came from a long line of cross makers and I watched fascinated as he formed the moulds in beeswax, heating the coals with his goatskin bellows, then sanding and smoothing it down afterwards and then finally etching the…


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The khalili collections - superb site showing collections

Professor Khalili is a world renowned scholar, collector, benefactor and philanthropist as well as a successful businessman. His collections, which consist of 35,000 items, include the arts of the Islamic World, Japanese art from the Meiji period, Swedish textiles, Spanish damascened metalwork and Enamels; each one being the largest in the world of…


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Bracelets, Dagestan

Bracelets, Dagestan, Kubachi, 19th century,

Silver, gilding, garnets, turquoise, carnelian

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Belt, Southern Dagestan, 19th century Silver, gilding

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Silver in ethnic jewellery

This post grew out of a rich discussion of a Bulgarian pendant posted by Cordelia Donahue and my own realisation that I needed a simple framework to help me think about the sources of ethnic silver. It is not meant to be authoritative but I hope it will be useful. Do please offer corrections and extensions.

Silver is classified as a noble or precious metal along with gold and platinum. All other metals, such…


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Natural vs Synthetic

Hello :)


Today we want to share with you some facts and info to help you understand the difference between  natural and synthetic gemstones.

Many people don't realize that majority of the natural gemstones are treated in the lab after they are mined. If you think about Tanzanite, for example, you will have an image of stunning purple-blue gemstone, but the truth is that this…


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