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I was looking at this necklace which seems to have some authentic tribal elements in the circle carvings, possibly African and it looks nicely old. But the whole seems rather European in style...

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I have the feeling from that picture that it is made of antiqued bone beads from India.

The style of stringing: Two rows coming together into one on the back and the use of metal round beads around the bone elements bring me to India again. I am not sure if the eye motive is unknown there. I saw it as a very common human way of embellishing, all over the world, not specific for the Middle East.  

Ok, many thanks for that! I think you are right

I have to agree with India.  This reminds me of a lot of necklaces that were coming out in the 1980's, made for the Western market.

Cordelia Donohoe said:

Ok, many thanks for that! I think you are right

This type of bead originated in Jaipur, however later ones are made elsewhere in India.

S x

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