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This piece is described as being a Moroccan necklace on ebay. I don't think it is Moroccan,nor is it a necklace but I don't know where it is from, looks Indian to me. Any experts out there who can help place it?

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I believe this is a contemporary Turkish necklace.  There are one or more companies in Turkey that make beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and earrings of silver enameled plaques connected by foxtail chains.

Here are some examples from this etsy shop:

Thank you, beautiful stuff in your shop!

I second Lynn. I have a bracelet made by the same company (only silver elements, no foxtail chain). Most of these pieces are stamped NU 84 and or silver content. Nada also often has some necklaces or earrings in her shop.

Hi Patricia, you are welcome!  It is not my shop but one I found on etsy when I was looking for a matching necklace to the Turkish bracelet I gave my mother.  The seller has it at a terrific price but alas it is too small for her.  :)  The workmanship on the one example I have seen is very nice.  

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