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Is this a Berber wedding necklace? I'm looking to seek information on approximately how old it may be if possible. I purchased many items recently and after seeing your blog realize I may have a good deal of ethnic jewelry. Do you know of anyone who appraises this type of jewelry? THank you. Wonderful site.

Hi Meg, this certainly is a beauty, and the composition is Berber. , every element i can see suggests age. It is however very difficult to appraise from a photo alone.. i will try to help! Please could you look at and describe the material used for stringing the beads.... Ie the colour, and the wear to the string. Also Maybe what the string is made from.. First impressions are that you have a very wonderful southern Moroccan. Berber necklace. ... Congratulations... Please show us more of your jewels.....
Warm wishes. Sarah

Thank you. There are 32 strings made from wool or cotton. Where the string has been exposed to the light it's gray in color, but under the beads it's closer to charcoal. I'm not handling it much. I think it's fragile. Orange  wool is woven into the gray/black thread near the top. The orange wool was lightly twisted and braided in with the darker thread. The orange wool is dreadlocked (matted) on the loose ends, a sign of wear. The gray thread looks as if it may have been waxed initially. It's only at the top knot that it looks waxed, so it could be dirt and oil from the wearers neck. The thread does look old. There are 42 amber beads, approximately 185 coral beads in 32 strands (16 on each side), approximately 215 silver beads, 4 black glass beads, 12 shells and the large silver bead. The total weight is about 210 grams or .210kg. I need to test the weight on another scale just in case mine is off. The total length of the necklace measures 33" (83.82cm) long. Just the bead work from one end to the other measures 22" (55.88cm).

What is your opinion on the future value of this type of necklace? Do you think the value will increase with time?

Thank you so very much for all of your help and your wonderful website! I would have been lost without you.

Cheers, Meg

all of your observations suggest some age. Pieces of this type are frequently restrung by dealers, however your with the plaited tiesdoes echo southern manufacturing techniques. To be fair to myself i have to say that a hands on appraisal is the only way i could be certain.
The value of Amber and coral has soared of late, and your necklace has value just in these components. It it were authenticated as original stringing this would add a premium too.
This amber if examined ad determined to be pre chinese shenannigans! Has very high value. Please take a look at the articles on amber in the ethnic jewels magazine. ( link at top of page! ) it will help you to examine your beads..
So happy that you are enjoing the forum, we are a community, so it belings to us all.. Including you!
Warmest wishes. Sarah

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