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This is from an ebay auction-- an over priced necklace advertised as North African with amber and petrified wood beads. I don't know about the amber, but the petrified wood beads are in fact Tunisian scent beads and this is the first necklace I have seen on ebay with this kind of bead  Just thught I would share the pic and that knowledge, kind of a landmark for me. If the beads are, in fact, fossil amber, then the necklace is worth the price. But really no way to tell from the pic. The scent beads are truly unusual to see on this website.

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Clove necklace Palestine.

Lynn, that ebay necklace indeed had scented beads...I bought a very similar one from the same seller and it arrived a couple of days ago. There is still some faint scent to it...vaguely like Chanel No5! I didn't buy the one which you posted a picture of though as I think that it might have an ornament missing from the drop...somehow the balance seems wrong to me.

I have found this on Etsy - a seller dealing with new scented beads:

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