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What do you think about this pendant ? Would you say it's a modesty plate or would you say it's an amulet ?
It's a low grade silver.

Thank you for your help ;-)

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I think a modesty plate, I bought one some years back advertised as such. For children.

If you do a search of our ethnicjewels site with the word modesty you will see a few examples and a lot of discussion.

Thank you Patricia. I also did some researches in the online Musée du Quai Branly collections and find some beautiful examples of Modesty Plates, but none of them represent goddess as this one. So I was wondering ...

This picture from the Musée du QUai Branly's collections shows a young girl from Pondichery wearing a Modesty Plate.

I write again, because I am nor sure if my first comment went out.

I think it is an amulet from Madhya Pradesh, you will find a few on my website

Usually there is Ganesha in the middle, accompanied either by his two wifes or by Parvati, his mother, and Lakshmi.

Some of these amulets can be dated to the 18th century, usually the silvercontent is quite high.

Most of them show remnants of red sindhoor-powder, because they were not for wearing, but adorned some statues in a temple

I hope, this is helpful for you; feel free to write if there are questions

I believe jewellery tied around the waist, such as this piece, is of amuletic value, and is not meant as a modesty plate.

Thank you for your answer, it's very helpful. I wondering if it's the "decoration" on the plate that distinct usage : the modesty plate seem to be decorated with  spiral and floral motifs ?

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