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Seems, like I may have added 12 or more photo's not sure how to do this, please be patient with me.  So I would like to know if anyone knows about this necklace.  I saw Mr. Allen's name on many files at Mrs. Lieses home  if you have the time could you please tell me about this.


Was it given to her when she opened the Bead Museum here in Prescott?  Where you here then? Do you know who put the necklace together?  Do you know where the beads came from?  Is there anything written about this necklace?


Thank you so much for your time.


Beads and Blessings,

Mary Ellen


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You are very welcome Mary Ellen.  I hope you enjoy it for a long time.  Your decision to leave it to the Mingei (Liese Collection) is gratifying and appreciated.  They will provide it with a good home and continuing care.


It was a good idea of yours, thanks for the advice.  Do you know anything about this bead?  Love, MEK

What bead would that be? JDA.

Curiosity is getting the better of me.

I would love to know which beads are not exactly as Sarah suggested?

Is "c" a Pumtek bead and Maybe 'B' is a cast Asante or Akan brass bead (so difficult to see clearly on the picture) Maybe "f" is really baltic amber, is 'U' glazed clay or perhaps powder glass from Mauritania?. 'V' is close but I think called Ojime. 'z' could also be a dze. Impossible to be really sure of any without touching.

I would love to see a JDA list.   ann

Jamey D. Allen said:

Considering that Sarah was not involved in the project, and is working backwards from a photograph, her identifications are not bad. However a few beads are not precisely what she conjectures.

Lets all do an id list!

using the pic below....

I will ask Jamey to do a definative list......

lets see who gets the most correct ID's

I will send a prize to the winner!!!!!

I will go to the shop today and get a new photo, if you can wait a few hours, and then you should be able to see the beads behind the neck also.
Hello Sarah, 
I do think that you have most beads as accurately tagged as can be from an image like this.
It is really great to open the debate so that we can all learn.
I have looked again today and can only see 2 that I would definitely label differently.
While the  3 pumtek beads have similarities to the etched agate and dze beads I think they should be classified separately. Also the netsuke bead is I think the smaller Ojime bead. Also closely related so a guess.
There is nothing like letting the senses loose on a piece in our hands. So difficult to interpret the same info from an image. Well done!
I do not think that any of us can do a better job than you already have so lets all see the accurate list and judge for ourselves how we went?

Here we are years later.  I have created a FaceBook Group for The Bead Museum, to honor Gabrielle Liese.  It can be found here:

Attached is a photo from 1999, the day that The Bead Museum opened in Glendale, AZ—when Gabrielle was presented with the necklace discussed in this dialogue.  Jamey


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